This is the newest addition to my studio set-up. It's a Daler and Rowney craft easel that can be positioned at many angles. Here I have it atop my high desk with a drawing board clamped to it. Not quite sure yet if it makes things easier or more complicated!

update: It makes things easier. 



16/07/2016 12:38

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02/09/2016 02:23

Your new addition is veeery cool! Amazing stuff!

19/09/2016 06:14

The story of the day as you writes here with the reading of that I am getting good feelings. As you write about that all day here this is showing that you all enjoyed allot while playing on that day. We can never forget these kinds of the moments.


I think this craft easel is very useful. It's good to have it in your studio.

02/05/2017 14:57

I'd like to have such thing in my studio too! This is so cool to use it! I've tried at my friend's studio!


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