Another angle of the finished installation in Bergen


17/07/2016 17:34

thats great. from this angle the pictures look clearer. im sure the pictures look great in the bergan art hall

06/02/2018 01:52

It's a nice piece of art. But is it set to be part of an art exhibit? Because if it is, it looks kind of plain for me. You could have made it bigger and appealing for the eyes of many so that people will appreciate it even more. In my own opinion, I think you should put more stuff here. You're more artist than I so I will trust you with your plan regarding this one. But I hope you will try to consider my simple suggestion because that's for your own good in the first place!

22/08/2016 17:19

Its best picture and make clear action for the mind development. People math make plan for passing their life in such clear way. The movements should be in such style which leads for some best action in future.


Interesting one! Do you have some other photos? I'd like to see everything in details ;)

23/09/2017 15:58

Wow, what a beatiful installation! This photo is too small, unfortunately.


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